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Data Management and Reporting all-in-one Solution for a Comprehensive Overview of the Entire Infrastructure. Scalable to the Big Data Era and Beyond.

The success of every industrial digitization process depends on robust data management foundations. TALOS is our computational platform for industrial-grade data storage and management that offers automated data importing, interactive data processing, intuitive analytics and a geographical map representation of the clientele. TALOS is highly customizable depending on the underlying industrial context and it can be scaled up to correlate with the business growth. The platform can be seamlessly connected to our AI modelling framework and offer advanced data analytics and automated decision making.


Intuitive data management, automated importing and exporting of key analytic results.

Visualize quality control data coupled with clientele information in the form of an interactive geographical map.

world map.jpg

Explore your Big Data value with descriptive statistics and advanced data analytics.

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