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A Novel Holistic Approach for Hardware Trojan Detection Powered by Deep Learning

Horizon 2020 - Grant agreement No 777222

Hardware trojans impact our everyday life and may even cause life threatening situations. Unlike other errors and malfunctions, trojans are inserted deliberately. Apart from insider attacks, the economically driven outsourcing of production steps to third party contractors enlarges the attack surface dramatically. Today, there is no single tool that can provide a holistic approach for hardware trojan detection covering both pre-silicon verification and post-silicon testing. HERO takes a significant step forward by developing an artificial intelligence empowered approach that will be capable of identifying vulnerable regions in IC designs as well as perform post-silicon validation to cover trojans of different types and sizes under large parameter variations. The deployment of HERO technology is expected to bring a breakthrough in numerous IC-related sectors including cell phones, digital cameras, microelectromechanical systems, photonics and bioelectronic devices.



Research synergy to address major challenges in the nexus: energy-environment-agricultural production (Food, Water, Materials)

Pr. No. MIS5002496

The proposed project NEXUS aims to the development of innovative systems that connect the Nexus of Energy, Environment and Agricultural Production (Water, Food, Minerals), creating the technological foundations for economic and social development. The aim of NEXUS is to utilize Greek raw materials and available residues and by-products of the primary sector, emphasizing in the use of technologies that have been developed. This way the principles of circular economy, already applied in the EU, are promoted, having a great application potential in our country. NEXUS is expected to set the foundations for the development of smart farming systems, smart material production systems, as well innovative systems of sustainable energy production and energy carriers. More specifically NEXUS will contribute to the development of a model integrated and adaptive farm management low input system, aiming to the production of food raw materials and the management of the relevant resources (energy, water, etc.) in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. At the same time, NEXUS will support the optimization of physicochemical, electrochemical, enzymatic and solar thermal processes for the integrated recovery of agricultural and industrial waste, and for the production of energy and energy carriers (e.g. hydrogen, cracker bio-oil). Equally important is considered to be the contribution of the project to the development and synthesis of innovative materials (biochemical, biopolymer, ceramic, magnetically, etc.) with multiple applications such as communication systems, biomedical, cosmetics, packaging industry etc.

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