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"Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are key components in a fast-evolving world driven by technology"

"OmmAI stands at the forefront of this revolution, providing intelligent solutions based on AI and IoT Big Data analytics"

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Industry 4.0 Generation

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Apply our AI-based analytic tools on your QMS data for precise insight into future demand

Predicting Demand


Safeguard the working environment by automating personnel access in specified areas with state-of-the-art computer vision techniques

Upgrading Security


Secure your production pipeline with our highly customizable AI system for real-time defects detection and classification

Minimizing Defects


Upgrade the existing Sensors infrastructure with real-time monitoring of your equipment and optimize the maintenance timepoints

Maximize Equipment Uptime


Upgrade the existing Sensors and IoT devices infrastructure with AI-based analytic tools for automating the decision-making process

Automated Decision-Making


Dig into the, seemingly worthless, accumulated volumes of data and discover their true value

Capitalizing Big Data

Our Methodology


Sensors & IoT

Data Analytics

AI Modeling

User Interface

Cloud Services

Multi-purpose Sensors and IoT data combination

Data pre-processing and reporting

AI-based decision making

Managing production with intuitive UIs

Bridging multiple manufacturing pipelines through the Cloud

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Our technology

Deep Learning

Solve and learn from complex problems with Deep Neural Networks

Big Data

Organize, analyze and learn from voluminous amounts of structured or unstructured data


Data Mining

Discover hidden value within your data warehouse using our advanced data mining algorithms

Computer Vision

Approximate human vision and decision making to transform your computer and sensor infrastructure, enabling the automated solution of complex tasks

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